Online Targeting

Targeting is an important part oft he Online Marketing. Every User is an individual. Therefore, it´s important to filter out the different needs and interest of each user. Adprofessional offers different approaches for placing goals orientated and relevant Online Advertising based on different segments to approach your consumer accentuated.


By different user segmentations Adprofessional address your users customized. With the aid of dynamic creatives the buying inducement is been reactivated of each user.Using a Frequency Cap on a Publisher and Advertiser level the delivering of the creatives can be adapted for each user needs.

Mobile Targeting

Adprofessional offers different possibilities of reaching your consumer individually. One of them called Mobile Targeting. As well as Retargeting different user segmentation been addressed to users who visited your shopping side.
Whether In-App or HTML5 Adprofessional is your.

Regio Targeting

With Adprofessional Solution the campaigns gets optimized continually of reaching a purchase decision on a geographic bases. Different possibilities fore Regio-Targeting are:

  • State level
  • Channel level
  • Postcode
  • Time/month/day


Video Targeting

With the aid of so called Pre Roll Ads, video clips has been shown suitable to different video content. Whether Click-to-play or auto-play are been shown semantically on various premium environment

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